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River Farm Worms in Ellensburg


Food waste collection and worm castings

Food waste collection and vermi composting!

About us

River Farm Worms is a branch of River Farm Produce.   We collect food waste, residential and commercial, and  feed it to our Royal Red Wiggler composting worms.     In a matter of days they turn your food and our farm waste into Valuable Organic  Fertilizer!    They thrive on our communities scraps!

Food waste not wasted.

What happens to your kitchen scraps?  Do you toss it in the garbage?   Did you know that food waste does not decompose without oxygen?   Toss a banana peal on the ground and a few days time it’s practically gone.  Put it in the landfill and it turns into methane gas.   Instead of returning to the soil it contributes to Polluting our environment.  

The bigger picture

We can only control so much of our world.   Our local economy and ecology should be the priority of our amazing small community.    We can make a difference!  For us and our kids.   

How to use worm castings!   

A one cup bag can be used on 10 small house hold plants.   Or one big one.   We use up to 20% worm castings in our potting soil and we add a 1/2 cup under every plant!     


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River Farm Worms

12610 highway 10, Ellensburg, WA 98926, US

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We don’t have standard hours.   Please contact me to make an appointment or to talk,  thanks.